Academic Curriculum

Aims & Objectives
We will provide our students with a high standard of education that is:
  • delivered by way of a balanced and flexible curriculum
  • tailored to students’ individual needs, requirements and abilities
  • committed to nurturing, encouraging and empowering the ‘whole’ student
  • dedicated to easing the transition to tertiary study, vocational training or employment.
Characteristics of the Curriculum
Our broad-based curriculum will allow for varied and flexible subject combinations that will best fit students’ academic and life goals.
Students may choose up to three elective subjects from the following table.
NSS Subject
Business, Accounting & Financial Studies
Information & Communication Technology
Chinese History
Chinese Literature
Health Management & Social Care
Tourism & Hospitality Studies


As well as a strong academic focus, our curriculum will:
  • encourage students to show awareness of the society in which they live
  • build students’ confidence in using the essential communication skills
  • develop the use of generic thinking and learning strategies
  • foster a student-centred learning environment
  • implement project-based learning across all subject areas
  • retain intensive peer-learning opportunities through a guided small-group tutorial system
  • offer remedial classes for language subjects to create an inclusive ‘environment of success’
  • adopt the small-class teaching of Liberal Studies with an emphasis on the development of learning strategies