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Visit to T Park 10 December 2018

Visit to T Park

A multi-disciplinary team of teachers and students paid an insightful and interesting trip to T Park outside Tuen Mun on the 10th 0f December. This plant is both a carbon neutral water processing plant and a leisure facility and as such proved to be fascinating for not only our science students but also our tourism and hospitality students.

The Young Mentor Training Camp 09-10 November 2018

The Young Mentor Training Camp 9-10 November 2018

The Young Mentor training camp was held on 9th November to 10th November at the Don Bosco Youth Centre at Cheung Chau. 38 students participated in the team-building and adventure-based activities and they gained a lot of valuable experience. They were able to learn how to face challenges and solve problems collaboratively.

AFS Cultural Fair 2018 24 November 2018

AFS Cultural Fair 2018

Book Exhibition 18–19 13 & 14 November 2018

Book Exhibition 18–19 

They must be planning their graduation trips!

Reading is fun!

Sharing is good!

Trick or Treat? 31 October 2018

Trick or Treat?

The annual Halloween English Speaking Day jointly organised by the English Department, the Library & the Student Union was a success.

Students enjoyed quite a lot and you could even see teachers challenging themselves with the tongue twisters!

Alumni Sharing on DSE Preparation 06 November 2018

Alumni Sharing on DSE Preparation

Experience is the best teacher. In order to let our S6 students learn through others’ success experience in taking the HKDSE exam, the school invited 5 alumni, who have achieved remarkable DSE results, to return to school on Nov 6, 2018 and share some exam skills and strategies as well as their recipe for success.

Principal Talk Series – Study Skills for Senior Secondary Schoolers 02 November 2018

Principal Talk Series – Study Skills for Senior Secondary Schoolers 

2 November 2018

         Study skills are the individualized approaches and strategies which students need to enable themselves to learn efficiently – they are an important set of transferable life skills.

Alumni Sharing Session 2018 26 October 2018

Alumni Sharing Session 2018

26 October 2018

University applications are now in full swing.  Advice from experienced ones is never enough and that is where alumni come in.

The annual Alumni Sharing Session was held on 26 October 2018.  24 old boys and old girls came all the way back to the College to share with our S6 students their application experience, exam prep tips and jam-packed collegial life.

閱讀分享講座 19 October 2018



保良局莊啟程預科書院第廿七屆陸運會 15 October 2018

保  良  局  莊  啟  程  預  科  書  院

第  廿七 屆  陸  運  會  


            當日出席之師生近七百人。各運動健兒興緻勃勃, 全力以赴投入比賽。中六畢業班同學穿上班服為同學吶喊打氣, 場面熱鬧。閉幕典禮由舞蹈組表演助威展開序幕,由本校校長李盤勝博士、家教會主席及副主席頒發各個獎項。



    (1)男子組: 4F 李佳俊

    (2)女子組: 6A 陳希霖


    (1)全場總冠軍: 中四

    (2)全場最佳班級: 中四F