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An English seminar given by a representative from the Consulate General of the United States and two KTC students gave eighty Secondary 5 students a fascinating glimpse into the popular culture of different parts of the world on 27 April 2012.

Ms Naeema Whatley, Consulate Cultural Unit Chief, spoke about the diverse nature of her country, impacts of American pop culture on other parts of the world and the influence of Chinese icons, such as Yo Yo Ma, the French-born Chinese American cellist, and Jacky Chan, the Chinese Kung-fu superstar, on the US pop culture.  Her talk was followed by a student sharing session, in which Kitty Ma (S5A) talked about Japanese ACG ie animations, comics and games, and our exchange student, Elisa Vaccaro (S5B), introduced Italian pop culture to her peers.  The event liven up as soon as Claire Tang (S5A), Candice Liu (S5B), Charlotte Tang (S5C) and Queenie Tsui (S5C) gave the audience a vibrant dance performance to share their passion for their favourite facet of Hong Kong pop culture - Hip Hop dance.

The seminar came to an end after a rewarding question and answer session, in which many students were eager to take the floor and ask the presenters questions.

Japanese ACG by Kitty Ma          US Pop Culture by
                                                    Ms Naeema Whatley

Hong Kong Pop Culture - Hip Hop    Italian Pop Culture by Elisa Vaccaro
Dance by Claire Tang, Candice Liu,
Charlotte Tang and Queenie Tsui

Sharing of Student Presenter           Question and Answer Session
in Question and Answer Session

Group Photo of Ms Whatley,            Souvenir presentation
Ms Kwan, Student Presenters
and Student Helpers

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